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First High School Graduate – Kyle Elumir


Great Schools Reviews- https://www.greatschools.org/texas/sugar-land/20837-Excelsior-Academy/reviews/

Posted January 20, 2015
From an Excelsior Elementary parent:

My daughter had previously struggled with phonics in preschool. Once she entered kindergarten at a highly rated public school it was very obvious she was behind. The school did not feel it was a concern yet; however, not addressing it would cause her to fall even further behind. I feel this reading problem contributed to her lack of confidence in school.
I sought expert opinion outside the school and it was determined she had the phonetic awareness level of a 3 year old in kindergarten. I concluded she needed more help than her school was willing to offer so decided I would home-school her and seek a specialist for helping her with reading. She made some improvements in reading but still I wasn’t seeing enough improvement to justify the cost.
Looking for other options, I came across Excelsior Academy and we began tutoring services over the summer and then enrolled her in the Academy in the fall. I was excited about the small class size and the individualized approach to teaching. In classrooms at most schools, the teacher teaches to the class as a whole in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. At Excelsior Academy, the focus is on the individual child and the instruction is tailored to each individual student’s need. The teacher is able to customize the curriculum for each child, which allows for self-paced learning. If the student quickly learns the concept then she can move forward or if she needs more practice on a topic she can continue to review that material.
My child has made excellent academic progress and has gained much needed confidence while attending Excelsior Academy during the first few months of this school year. Previously my child hated to read for any purpose but now she reads to herself just for pleasure; something I doubted she would ever do but is doing it for fun now.
Excelsior Academy has been a great value for the high quality of personalized education my daughter has received.
(truncated version of this review is on Great Schools website)

Posted January 06, 2015
From an Excelsior Elementary parent:

My daughter was getting so frustrated with traditional private and public school settings that were not able to address her learning needs. In June of 2014, the private school she was attending told us there was nothing they could do for her academically. I cried! I felt I have failed my daughter. Then we found out about Excelsior Academy. My daughter started with the summer program. I love their curriculum and their Educational Therapy Method is great. They gave my daughter her confidence back. She’s no longer afraid of school. In Excelsior Academy, every child is treated as individual, the teaching is tailored to individual need. The students are given individual attention by highly qualified teachers. My daughter’s reading, writing, and maths levels increased within a short amount of time. Thanks Excelsior Academy for the wonderful work!



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