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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process is unique in that Excelsior Academy Private School aims at accepting the most qualified candidates for our school. In order to effectively assess the needs of your child, Excelsior Academy requires a trial class day which includes an educational therapy assessment in correspondence with an in-person interview with the family. It is in our mission that we accept and teach students whose needs we can meet. Prospective students entering our private school may have learning disabilities that are consistent with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and Dyspraxia. Additionally, if your needs are outside of our scope, Excelsior Academy Private School collaborates with other schools in Houston that are part of our referral network.

Admissions Process

In order to be considered for admission to Excelsior, please follow the rules outlined below:

1. Fill out the online application: https://www.excelsiorhouston.com/application

2. Upon receipt of your application and following contact with Excelsior’s Admissions Director, please obtain the following paperwork:

  • Current or most recent official school transcripts/records
  • Excelsior Academy-Fame Well Montessori Admissions Agreement Form
  • Pre-Admissions Waiver/Emergency Contact Form (1 document)
  • Physical Education/Activity Waiver

3. Student will observe at least one trial class day at Excelsior Academy in order to see if the school is a good fit for him/her (available after September 1 only for each school year). At the beginning of the trial class day, students may take academic assessments in the following subjects: Math, Reading and complete educational therapy informal testing. Additionally, after the trial class day has ended, there will be in-person interview with new student(s) along with parent(s).

4. Pay enrollment and textbook/curriculum fees.

5. Tuition payment is due 2 weeks before first day of school or 1 week prior for rolling enrollment.

6. If available, submit formal learning disability test results including WISC-IV and the Woodcock Johnson Test to determine the classroom accomodations for your student.

The enrollment fee and trial day fees are non-refundable.


Before a student enrolls, we provide diagnostic tests in order to determine the needs of the student. The assessments are comprised of written and/or online components. Some of the informal testing area may include determining a student’s phonological processing, auditory memory, and writing abilities.

The assessments may include:

Math – Curriculum Based Measurement

Reading – Curriculum Based Measurement

Upper Level (grades 9-12) Only: Short essay – Public schools vs. Private Schools




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Sugar Land

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Inside Fame Well Montessori

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 High School

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