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Policies & Procedures

1. Transportation will not be provided to and from school. However, Excelsior Academy Private School does offer transportation to P.E. class, extracurricular activities, and certain field trips. Students should be dropped off at the designated school time and picked up after the class.
2. Students should come prepared with their textbooks and/or laptop to class.
3. Students are expected to comply with all classroom and school rules. If it is determined that a particular student is disruptive to the learning environment and/or dangerous to others, the student will be dismissed or expelled.
4. Cell phone use is not allowed during class time. This includes phone calls and text messaging. Cell phones may be used during break time.
5. Offensive language is not tolerated in the classroom. If student uses profanity through speaking or writing, that student will be issued a warning.
6. No fighting, hitting, harassment, and/or horseplay allowed. Students who physically abuse another individual and/or harass them will result in a level 3 disciplinary action.
7. Bullying and picking on others will not be tolerated. Students are constantly monitored to ensure all individuals are getting along.
8. No weapons allowed on campus including but not limited to firearms, knives, pocket knives, and/or paintball guns.


Attendance is important for all Excelsior students. Make-up work will be provided the next day the student attends school. Excused absences include illnesses, family emergency, and/or medical emergency. All others circumstances are considered unexcused absences.

Dress Code

Excelsior Academy does not have a school uniform. However, students must abide by the following:

No offensive language on clothing.

-No excessively baggy jeans or pants
-No sleeveless shirts or t-shirts

-No tank tops
-Shorts and skirts must not be more than 3 inches above the knees

Disciplinary Procedures

Level I: Mild Offense (improper dress code, profanity)
Level 2: Moderate Offense
Level 3: Severe Offense (fighting, hitting, harassment, bullying)

Each student is allowed 3 Level I warnings. After students have reached this threshold, a parent conference is set up to discuss the individual’s behavior.

Level 3 offenses may result is suspension or expulsion from the school.



Office Address

1334 Brittmoore Rd,

Houston, TX 77043

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 4pm


Sugar Land

Lower Level Address:

2317 Settler’s Way,

Sugar Land, TX 77478
Inside Fame Well Montessori

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 3pm


 High School

800 Town & Country Blvd, Ste 500

Houston, Texas 77024

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