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Benefits Excelsior Plus

Excelsior Plus is our updated, next-level academy at our administration office location.  In addition to its unique location inside a large art gallery center, we have spent a lot of time passionately researching and adding the best quality providers and services for our demographic of students and their unique needs.


Full integration of NILD Educational Therapy Techniques in classroom

We utilize researched techniques specifically addressing the learning disabilities of your child – providing effective methods to improve in a shorter amount of time.

1:4 Teacher to Student ratio

Allows us to give more focused attention to your child from teachers who have special education experience. This will enable us to be able to discern your child’s needs in each subject and implement the best methods that will cater to them being successful in and out of the classroom.

50% discounted tutoring from our sister company – Suprex.

Having this significant discount on tutoring, will give your child extra time and added personal attention to their academic and unique learning style and personality.

Neurofeedback QEEG by one of the country’s leading Neurofeedback specialists, who also deals primarily with kids who have ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia

Dr. Ron Swatzaya at the Tarnow center is one of the country’s leading pioneers in Neurofeedback.  QEEG provides an accurate reading of what is occurring in the brain.   Without a proper reading, many people spend years wasting time and money on unnecessary medications and services. Providing a QEEG will accurately assess how the brain is functioning and allow Dr. Ron to suggest medications and methods to help stabilize the brain and have it function more optimally.

Specialized Therapy (provided on site) addressing our students’ unique mental/emotional challenges.

The types of therapy we will be providing on site will address many of the root causes of your child’s behavior and performance during school hours. Additionally, it will address areas that impede effective learning, specifically for those struggling with high levels of anxiety.


Art and Yoga teachers on site weekly.

Having weekly art and yoga helps reduce anxiety and stress in our students, as well as increases focus and sustained attention. Additionally, we find these activities help improve our student’s self -confidence, social/emotional intelligence, and self -advocacy.


Personalized Athletic Trainer provided on site

Our Athletic Trainer has mapped out different phases and activities to help integrate classroom lessons into the physical exercises he will have students do.  With consistent collaboration with our teachers, he can use different methods to address similar topics all while our students are having fun and exercising.  Many of our students are predominantly kinesthetic learners, and weekly physical activities will greatly improve academic progress, mental/physical health, as well as reduce anxiety and improve self-confidence in and out of the classroom.


Excelsior Academy- Standard Excelsior Plus (grades 9+)
Tuition $13,500 $23,950
NILD Educational Therapy Techniques  Some techniques in class Full techniques provided
Class Ratio 1:8 1:4
Discounted 1:1 After-School Tutoring 25% Off 50% Off
Neurofeedback QEEG Not Provided Included 
Specialized Therapy  Not Provided Included On Site 
Art Class Provided Provided
Yoga Provided Provided
Personalized Kinesthetic Physical Training  Not Provided Provided
Outside Contracted Therapists such as Speech/OT by Parent’s Request Classrooms offered on-site Classrooms offered on-site by parent’s request





Office Address

104 Industrial Blvd, Ste Q,

Sugar Land, TX 77478

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 4pm


Sugar Land

Lower Level Address:

2317 Settler’s Way,

Sugar Land, TX 77478
Inside Fame Well Montessori

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 3pm


(Paid) Transportation Provided from Katy to Sugar Land*:

21915 Royal Montreal Dr,

Katy, Texas 77450
Drop-off Hub

(832) 900-9660