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Benefits Excelsior Plus

Excelsior Plus is our updated, next-level academy at our administration office location.  In addition to its unique location inside a large art gallery center, we have spent a lot of time passionately researching and adding the best quality providers and services for our demographic of students and their unique needs.

Full integration of NILD Educational Therapy Techniques in classroom

We utilize researched techniques specifically addressing the learning disabilities of your child – providing effective methods to improve in a shorter amount of time.

1:4 or 1:8 Teacher to Student ratio

Allows us to give more focused attention to your child from teachers who have special education experience. This will enable us to be able to discern your child’s needs in each subject and implement the best methods that will cater to them being successful in and out of the classroom.

50% discounted tutoring from our referring tutoring company 

Having this significant discount on tutoring, will give your child extra time and added personal attention to their academic and unique learning style and personality.

Accupressure Crossinology Practioner, who deals primarily with young adults who have ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety, Depression, among other barriers. 

About Brain Integration Technique (BIT)

The human brain is a complex system, whose peak function can be compromised by a wide range of stresses, emotional traumas and injuries, which in turn, can significantly reduce the brain’s ability to operate properly. BIT corrects neuro-pathway misrouting, improper timing and blockages of information flow that create problematic symptoms. BIT works with the Chinese meridian system that allows practitioners to work with different pressure points across the student’s body through accupressure.

This relaxing, completely non-invasive therapy has been shown to:

•   End ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Sensory Integration issues and other specific Learning Difficulties

•   Improve Memory, Focus and Concentration

•   Decrease poor behavior and “meltdowns”

•   Sharpen Planning and Multi-tasking

•   Improve Balance and Coordination

•   Release Emotional Stress and Trauma, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Please note: Individual results may vary; the above is based on information from Crossinology.  See more here

What happens during the BIT treatment?

The first session of treatment includes an initial assessment that serves as a benchmark against which to evaluate future change.  During this session, we assess the electro-magnetic activity in the brain using muscle monitoring and acupressure.  This technique reveals the specific brain areas that need the most attention.  Subsequent sessions involve correcting the specific brain areas that showed in the assessment.  The correction technique involves very light touch on specific acupressure points to re-establish electro-magnetic integrity within the brain.  Thus brain functioning is improved, specifically in learning ability, creativity, and physical co-ordination.  This is done by pinpointing stress in the brain that affects learning, and relieving these individual stress patterns.

To begin, the individual lies down, fully dressed, on a comfortable padded table.  Because it is the subconscious that is being treated, the individual’s involvement throughout the procedure is fairly passive. All of the roughly eighty steps that comprise the BIT protocol are completely non-invasive.

What kind of results should I expect with BIT?

Learning abilities are consistently improved for the individuals we treat.  They are able to read with high comprehension, learn and retain spelling words, understand mathematical concepts, become physically coordinated and modulate their emotional responses.  However, while we give our clients the ability to learn, the amount of improvement is still dependent upon them utilizing their brain.  In a nutshell, we enable the brain to learn within any limitations posed by organic brain damage.  However, we do not make the brain learn.  That takes studying and perseverance on the part of each and every client!

Is BIT permanent?

Yes.  The only situation that could require a person to be fully re-integrated would be if he/she sustains an injury to the head.  Sometimes a client may feel like his/her brain function has gone ‘off-line’.  In this situation, there has usually been an emotional trauma that caused enough stress to block the brain function.  We call this “temporary dis-integration.”  To remedy this, the BIT practitioner need only address the emotions surrounding the trauma/or recent incident.

Please review the videos below before your initial Assessment:




Normally the for BIT Training is $160 per session (45 minutes), but our referred Crossinology Practitioner, is offering it to Excelsior Parents for a discounted rate of $100 per session. Practioners recommend completing 12-15 sessions of BIT.

Specialized Therapy (provided on site) addressing our students’ unique mental/emotional challenges.

The types of therapy we will be providing on site will address many of the root causes of your child’s behavior and performance during school hours. Additionally, it will address areas that impede effective learning, specifically for those struggling with high levels of anxiety.



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