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Our Benefits

  • 1 to 8 students per class
  • Build Independent Learners
  • Passionate & Caring Teachers
  • Industry Leading Therapies
  • Overcome Learning Barriers
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Behavior & Social Improvements
  • Individually Tailored Curriculum
  • Family-Oriented & Team Building Culture

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Learning Barriers We Overcome


Improve your student’s spelling, reading and writing abilities through our phonics, manuscript handwriting, and cursive therapy program.


Overcome ADD and ADHD with our brain integration technique that transforms your child’s academic skills in class and improves focus.


Acquire lost math skills and build your student’s foundation in basic math facts, problem solving ability, and develop math vocabulary & concepts.

Dysgraphia / Dyspraxia

Establish solid fine motor skills, develop sensory integration, & improve your student’s directionality through brain training exercise/tools.

We’ve Helped Students Who Are:

Left behind

Most traditional schools will not put in the additional resources or effort to help students that fall behind. Our personalized instruction will help your students get back on their academic track

Have Anxiety

Anxiety plagues many students academic and personal lives. This mental block can be overcomed with proper therapy and a nurturing and empowering learning environment.

Have Social Barries

An integral part of any school should be to help students grow not just academically but socially as well. Our family class environment and efforts to encourage students to accept one another are transforming our student’s personal lives.

Home Schooled

Excelsior is an ideal match for students that are in homeschool as we provide highly qualified teachers, a rigorous and data-driven curriculum, and an unparalleled level of support of families.

Our Transformational Brain Training Exercises

Our brain training and therapy techniques include helping students with focusing abilities, memory barriers,

reading barriers, writing maturity, handwriting, and math problem solving.

“The Lazy 8”

Improves visual-motor integration, directionality, mental math skills, and cognitive skill building

Orton-Gillingham Reading

Struggling readers become independent readers by acquiring phonemic sounds with words and learning the basics of the English language

Copywork and Dictation

Improve auditory memory, reading comprehension, and language processing; develop understanding of paragraph structure, apply acquired spelling rules to writing

Kinesthetic Foam Alphabet

Improve phonemic awareness, forming syllables, visual discrimination and sequencing, and apply spelling generalizations

Buzzer Mind

Improve short term memory and auditory sequencing skills through hearing code letters “buzzed” into words; each word is analyzed to improve vocabulary and word usage

Math Foundation and Manipulatives

Acquire basic math facts, develop problem solving abilities, improve reasoning and logical thinking, develop math vocabulary and concepts

Our Program & Curriculum

Our unique therapy techniques are derived from Orton-Gillingham among other visual, auditory, and cognitived based excercises. Our Educational Therapy teaches how to learn as opposed to what to learn and helps students become independent learners. Through cognitive brain training, students are able to memorize academic material more efficiently and take on tasks on a more productive manner.

Classroom & Daily Schedule

Our school is designed around the philosophy of a good work-life balance. Therefore, we retain are students in school for no more than 7 hours per class day and ensure they get all core classes and necessary electives each week. Homework time is an average of just 1-1.5 hours each day.


testi1As a mother, I found Excelsior Academy and saw a difference in the first day of class. She was placed in a class where she felt like she belonged. My daughter is benefiting from individualized attention at Excelsior; the teacher and the staff show they care about their students. They also worked hard to get my daughter on grade level. My daughter is finally happy to go to school each morning.

Edith J.

test2At Excelsior the instruction is tailored to the individual student’s need. The teacher customizes curriculum for each child, which allows for self-paced learning. If the student learns the concept then she moves forward or if needed she can continue to review that material. My child made excellent progress and gained confidence at Excelsior. Previously she hated to read but now reads for pleasure!

Daysha H.

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