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Graduation Requirements

Private High School Graduation Requirements

For prospective high school students, Excelsior Academy follows the Fort Bend ISD Graduation Plan. At Excelsior, each student must meet the Minimum High School Program requirements which includes 22 class credits as follows*:

English:                                                  4 credits
Math:                                                     4 credits
Science:                                                4 credits
Social Studies:                                  4 credits
World Languages:                          2 credits
Communication (Speech):       .5 credits
Fine Arts:                                           1 credit
Health:                                               .5 credits
Physical Education:                     1 credit
Elective Courses:                         5 credits

Transitioning from Public School

In Texas, a student may withdraw from the public school system and move to a private school or homeschool.

Accreditation is not a requirement for private schools in Texas. At this time, Excelsior Academy is classified as a non-accredited private school. A non-accredited private school and homeschool are classified in the same category in Texas.

Excelsior encourages all students to obtain real-world work experience while in school. Colleges look for well-rounded students and it shows excellent application of a student’s education to be able to work while in school; it also demonstrates good time management.

 *data based information obtained in 2015


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Campus Address:

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