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Excelsior Academy Private School takes pride in distinguishing itself from other private schools as we have a curriculum enhanced for learning disability students and offer specialized instruction unparalleled in the education industry. Our staff consists of teachers that have demonstrated a great amount of passion for teaching and personability with students. Our teachers truly make the classroom experience enjoyable but also while maintaining a top notch academic environment. From the friendly staff to teachers, to the numerous social activities, Excelsior Academy Private School consistently provides an innovative learning solution by creating the best academic learning environment.

What Makes Our Day School Different?

  Excelsior Other Private Schools Public Schools

Excelsior has a flexible curriculum catered to the needs of each student, focused on building a foundation. Our textbooks are catered with content that is easy to read and comprehend.

Private schools teach 1-2 grade levels ahead, expecting students to already have a foundation.

Public schools teach how to pass a standardized test such as the STAAR or TAKS.

Learning Difficulty Students

Excelsior implements an Educational Therapy component to help students with learning difficulties. We use visual, auditory, and cognitive skill building exercises to help students overcome learning disabilities.

Private schools may charge extra for additional learning difficulty programs.

Public schools  may recommend alternative special education classroom.

Individualized Attention

Excelsior’s max class size is 8 students.

Some Houston Private schools average 15+ students per class.

Some public schools have 25+ students per class.

Work/Life Balance

Excelsior believes in a good balance between work and life with approximately 6 hours per class day and 5 days per week.

In some private schools, students spend 7 hours/day,   5 days/week in a classroom.

In some public schools, students spend 7 hours/day, 5 days/week in a classroom.

Class choice

Excelsior offers optional electives that teach life skills including Personal Finance, Time Management, Organizational Skills, and Presentation. Send us a request for more information about these classes.

May or may not be offered.

May or may not be offered.

Quality Instructors

Our instructors show a great passion for teaching, have high credentials in their field, and demonstrate quality lecture skills. We train our teachers in Educational Therapy techniques. Our teachers are even available to help students over the phone or email when they have questions about their work.

Many private school teachers are not trained to help students who struggle to learning or those with learning difficulties.

Teachers typically show low motivation to teach and are overwhelmed with the large class sizes.



Office Address

1334 Brittmoore Rd,

Houston, TX 77043

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 4pm


Sugar Land

Lower Level Address:

2317 Settler’s Way,

Sugar Land, TX 77478
Inside Fame Well Montessori

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 3pm


 High School

800 Town & Country Blvd, Ste 500

Houston, Texas 77024

(832) 900-9660