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Excelsior Academy is a private school for students with learning disabilities serving grades K-12 located in Houston, Texas. Excelsior Academy began as a non-accredited private homeschool center in 2012 serving students in a 1:1 setting in Sugar Land. We have helped students from elementary to high school successfully transition into college and secondary school. Our full time elementary school began in August 2014. Excelsior Academy Private School provides individualized instruction, educational therapy, and small classroom sizes to students with learning disabilities. These disabilities include ADD/ADHD (trouble focusing, hyperactivity), Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and other difficulties with regards to reading, writing and arithmetic. Excelsior Academy Private School provides an alternative learning solution for students who face academic barriers by showing learners how to learn and through practical application. Our staff is able to achieve this by utilizing Educational Therapy methods that have helped improve visual and auditory processing and cognitive functioning skills.

Our private school caters to all types of students while also tailoring our curriculum and instruction to fit the unique needs of your child. Our specialized staff utilize phonological processing activities that help students with learning disabilities overcome difficulty with reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. Additionally, Excelsior Academy’s research based auditory memory exercises can build reading comprehension skills and our brain training exercises have helped improve cognitive thinking skills.  Excelsior Academy can address poor handwriting and teaches cursive writing to improve brain development. Research shows that cursive writing helps to overcome motor challenges and activates parts of the brain linked to language fluency. Students at Excelsior Academy Private School develop tools on how to learn and study more efficiently to improve their academic, social and vocational skills. Our teachers ensure that students are generalizing their learning through application and are learning how to learn through our individualized instruction.

Our Houston Private School provides customized instruction with class sizes no larger than 8 students. This type of instruction allows each student to receive more attention from their instructors, unlike current methods of education provided by public, charter and/or private schools. At Excelsior Academy Private School, students with learning disabilities learn how to learn and generalize their learning through application. These concepts are essential learning skills for students with learning disabilities and are needed to master each grade level.


The mission of Excelsior Academy is to help students with learning disabilities excel and achieve success by fostering a meaningful educational environment in which students are taught how to learn as opposed to what to learn; providing individualized instructions, educational therapy, and practical application to learning


The vision of Excelsior Academy is to foster a meaningful educational institution in which students are taught how to learn as opposed to what to learn and ensure that no student is left behind.


Excelsior Academy is a Private School aimed at providing effective education for students with learning disabilities. The foundation of our program is to provide a more personalized program for children with learning differences. Our private school is located in Southwest Houston (Sugar Land) Texas. Children within the age groups that are ready for grades one through grades twelve can benefit from our highly personalized program.

The teaching style of our academy have customized core courses and electives that have a hands-on approach catering to each child’s individual learning needs. Asking questions and participating in discussions is encouraged between our teachers and students. We have programs geared to preparing our students in the areas of computer technology, along with studies in entrepreneurship through lessons and projects. Our approach to student learning is a huge step away from that of public schooling, with its’ attention to catering to the learning styles of each child as an individual and their individual learning needs.


Office Address

725 Bateswood Drive
Houston, TX 77079

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 4pm

Campus Address:

725 Bateswood Dr,

Houston, TX 77079
Inside Outreach Center of West Houston

(832) 900-9660

M-F: 8:45am – 3pm