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  1. Is Educational Therapy included in my tuition?
    Yes. Educational Therapy is a component of Excelsior Academy curriculum.
  2. Does Excelsior Academy Private School offer transportation?
    No. Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their students. However, transportation to MMA (P.E.) will be provided to students with parent’s consent.
  3. Does Excelsior Academy Private school accept elementary and middle school students?
    Yes. Excelsior Academy Private School accepts grades K through 8.
  4. Does Excelsior Academy provide assessments?
    Yes. Excelsior Academy provides an informal educational therapy assessment and math and reading curriculum based measurements if necessary.
  5. Does my child have to have a diagnosis of a learning disability to attend Excelsior Academy?
    No. Although it is highly recommended that students entering Excelsior Academy have already been diagnosed, it is not required.
  6. Does Excelsior Academy provide diagnosis?
    No. Excelsior Academy does not provide diagnosis for learning disabilities or any other disability. However, our school educates students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.
  7. What does Excelsior Academy School hours consist of?
    Please refer to the Class Schedule page.





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