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Standard K-8

Private Elementary School Houston Texas Grades K-8

Excelsior Academy Private Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School provides students with learning disabilities individualized instruction. Excelsior Academy Private School may provide elementary students with learning disabilities a strong foundation centered on writing therapy, reading, phonics, numbers and operations. Excelsior Academy curriculum caters to students with learning disabilities by incorporating educational therapy. Excelsior Academy Private School educational therapy may assist elementary students with learning disabilities by using brain training exercises that stimulate cognitive processing.

Students with learning disabilities learn how to write and form ideas, reciprocate and exchange information while also being taught the fundamentals of science which includes matter, force, energy, earth, space, organisms, and environment. Additionally, tangible items are utilized to help students learn numbers and operations. Elementary school students with learning disabilities at Excelsior Academy Private School are expected to master measurement, data, geometry, and recognition of shapes and figures.

Excelsior Academy Private Middle School is uniquely designed for students with learning differences. Our specialized teachers incorporate educational therapy into our curriculum to develop visual, auditory, and cognitive skills. Students at Excelsior Academy Private Middle School are taught essential academic skills that are important to students with learning disabilities. This includes efficient note taking, reading comprehension, and organization and structure. Much of Excelsior’s Middle School curriculum is centered on structure, organization, and effectiveness of note-taking and schedules. Since our students learning differences impacts their ability to process and retain information, our middle school instruction emphasizes these concepts in order to help students with learning disabilities learn how to learn.

Additionally, Excelsior Academy Private Middle School will continue to address earlier standards for those students that are not at their individual grade level. Students will develop strong reading skills as they will read and understand a variety of literary text.  Middle school students will obtain a basic understanding in number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. Students will also learn about science investigation and reasoning.


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725 Bateswood Dr,

Houston, TX 77079
Inside Outreach Center of West Houston

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