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In-Person at Home or Online Homeschool, or at a Suprex Learning Center (centers located in Greater Houston)
Live video via Zoom, Google Meet or similar online platform. Teacher(s) will use screen share and/or live whiteboard for instruction.  

BLUE BOOK- for Phonics Development

  1. Blue Book Method

The Blue Book Method is a systematic, explicit phonics program that uses an associative keyword approach, based on a modified Orton-Gillingham method. A variety of exercises are used to rehearse the sound/symbol relationships, including decoding, structural analysis, syllabication, categorization according to phonemic concepts, spelling rules, and dictation/writing. The materials used with The Blue Book Method include: The Blue Book, The Phonic Spelling Workbook, and Student Reference Sheets


  1. Blue Book Phonic Spelling Workbook


Phonics tutoring through the Blue Book Method helps students acquire phonemic sounds with words. For example, we begin with the vowel sounds starting with long ‘A’ for apron and the short ‘A’ for apple. The next section moves to consonant sounds including ‘B’ for bat and ‘C’ for cat. We move to more advanced words and rules such as syllable blends.


  1. Student Reference Sheet

This workbook is used for homework in conjunction with Blue Book which has a list of words that follows spelling patterns.   


Grades 1-8

  1. McGraw Hill

Grades PreKindergarten and Kindergarten

  1. IXL Math and Reading


Twice per school year via IOWA Testing (Grades 1-8)

1:1 & 2:1 TUITION (Choose Your # Hours)



# Hours/Day # Days/Week # Hours Per Month Monthly Tuition 1:1 Total Tuition 1:1 (Aug-May) Monthly Tuition: 2 Students to 1 Teacher Total Tuition 2:1 (Aug-May)
4 5 80 $3,920      
3 5 60 $3,000 $30,000 $3,975 $39,750
3 3 36 $1,908 $19,080 $2,385 $23,850
3 2 24 $1,320 $13,200 $1,980 $19,800



Payment completed via Your Tuition Solutions financing


$2,250 per student to cover books, materials, and testing

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: ACCREDITED CURRICULUM will not be purchased separately if not available

We collaborate with accredited school: Making Progress is a Journey



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