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Dyspraxia School Houston

Seeking a school for dyspraxia? Excelsior Academy Dyspraxia Private School can educate and impact your student’s learning through our Rhythmic Writing program, while also improving motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Excelsior Academy Dyspraxia Private School can provide direct intervention for students with dyspraxia at our location in Houston. Dyspraxia students can obtain accommodations and modifications at our school for learning differences. Our NILD Educational Therapy techniques help students with dyspraxia overcome their learning difficulties. Our Houston school for dyspraxia is able to provide a blend of academic teaching and therapy, therefore students will be able to excel in their work through our positive learning environment.

At our private school for dyspraxia, we are well aware of the demands of today’s society towards the presentation of ones’ self in the areas of appearance and presentation. This demand is addressed by Excelsior Academy in the form of lessons that are geared towards training of the mind and motor skills. The development and refinement of motor skills are crucial and can be addressed best in a student’s early formative years.

Teaching Students with Dyspraxia at Our Houston School

Excelsior Academy Private School located in the Greater Houston Area has many established programs for children with dyspraxia. Our Rhythmic Writing approach has shown many positive results. This approach utilizes visual-motor skill lessons, which involves tracing a figure “8” on a chalkboard while the student verbalizes the directions he or she is tracing. With our therapy, students may develop neatness and elimination or lessening of attention issues. In the Rhythmic Writing approach, we also may lead a child into lessons on cursive writing. Research has shown that cursive writing stimulates brain synchronicity as there is a flow to the writing. Excelsior students have improved their self-esteem with cursive writing due to engaging in a positive linguistic activity. The teachers at Excelsior Academy understand how difficult dyspraxia is to deal with while doing school work, thus they are very patient and rely more on class discussions to better engage these students. Dyspraxia students may struggle with writing notes, therefore teachers do provide printed versions to them. Students with dyspraxia may improve their motor skills and eye-hand coordination through enrolling with our optional physical education elective i.e. Mixed Martials Arts. They are able to improve visual-motor integration by acquiring different grappling and combat moves. You can send us a written request to express interest in any electives.

Enroll at Excelsior

Children at Excelsior Academy receiving dyspraxia therapy are primarily from Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenburg, Missouri City, Katy and various other parts of Houston, TX. Our program for children with dyspraxia could be just the answer that your child needs. Interested parents are encouraged to fill out an application on our contact page. Our school director is there to help with any steps of the process.


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