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Dyslexia School Houston

Excelsior Academy Dyslexia Private School has helped students with dyslexia through our effective educational therapy techniques. Our goal for students with dyslexia is to improve their reading and writing abilities through organization learning, practical applications, and phonological processing.

Excelsior Academy Dyslexia Private School is a school designed to educate students with dyslexia to help them learn, organize, and apply learning through practical application. Located in the Greater Houston Area, we have helped students with dyslexia overcome their learning disabilities through phonological processing exercises and teaching cursive writing. If your student has dyslexia, then the small class environment and practical applications will certainly help your student learn.

Teaching at our Dyslexia School Houston

Excelsior Academy Dyslexia Private School in Houston utilizes a reading and writing intervention program via Educational Therapy methods to help dyslexic students in their academics. A phonetically geared lesson plan for dyslexic students that we may use is a Speech handbook which helps them develop phonological processing. The alphabetical principles are an important component for dyslexic students in learning to read and write the alphabetic language. The Sounds of Speech program teaches sequential translation of letters into its phonological counterpart, memory of sequence of sounds, blending of sounds, and recollection of words to match sounds.

Another program that Excelsior Academy Dyslexia Private School uses is an Orton-Gillingham Reading program. This program uses sound and word association and teaches requirements for spelling and the written copy. Often, our English teachers drill students on basic grammar and writing. With struggling students, we know and understand that it takes time and patience to become better at reading and writing. Excelsior Academy was able to improve the writing and grades of our past dyslexic students. Dyslexic students at Excelsior have seen 2 letter grade improvements from their previous school, for example from D’s to B’s and C’s to A’s. One of our dyslexic elementary students could not read sight words or form simple sentences. The teachers at Excelsior Academy Dyslexia Private School were able to help this dyslexic student read sight words and write simple sentences in just a month of remedial teaching. With proper therapy and focused assistance, a child with dyslexia can and will achieve tremendous heights in their education.

How our school helps dyslexic students:

We constantly put efforts into understanding the needs of dyslexic students. For example, one of our first grade students was having inhibition toward reading. However, when she later was able to read words properly and develop a flow, she started quite enjoying reading. Now, she is an avid reader and looks forward to the reading sessions every day. Though, not everyone who takes time to read is dyslexic. So it is important to be cautious when labeling a child dyslexic especially in the first two grades. Many children are slow starters but are able to fight against persistent reading problems provided they get proper instruction. One of our third grade students enjoys Math a lot and can solve any problem instantly. However, one day when she had to learn word problems where reading, writing, and understanding the question were necessary, she was hesitant and not willing to learn. Later when the student could acquire the skills of reading the question, writing and solve the Math problem, she enjoyed it.

Dyslexia varies in degree of severity. Not everyone who is diagnosed with dyslexia will have the same problems. As dyslexia requires individualized attention, we aim toward progress by providing a one-on-one instruction to each student. As a follower of Rotational Approach, we strive to provide one-on-one guidance for each student and help fight dyslexia. In fact, the one-on-one instructional system improves their academic level with time; and several times students do show commendable progress in the regular classroom by the time they reach the third grade. Observing the strong attributes of the student whether it be auditory or visual or cognitive, our teachers frame the lesson plan accordingly. We also practice “daily reading aloud” with the student which provides him or her with quick word recall.

Accommodations and Modification for Dyslexia Students

The in-class tests we provide may be modified for students with dyslexia dependent upon discussions with parents in an Individual Education Plan. Students with dyslexia are given the option to take tests orally and can extend their test time until completion. Students also have the option to type in class assignments to alleviate some of the spelling errors dyslexic students face.

Enrolling Now at Excelsior Academy Private School

Students attending our school for dyslexia come from all over the Greater Houston Area including from Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenburg, Missouri City, Cypress, and various other parts. Our program for children with dyslexia could be just the answer that your child needs. Interested parents are encouraged to fill out an application on our contact page. Our team is here to help you with any steps of the process.



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