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Dysgraphia School Houston

Students with dysgraphia have difficulty completing writing assignments especially in areas of legibility, length, and content. These students will benefit from the specialized learning plans at our school for dysgraphia in Houston that is designed to cater to their special learning needs.  We’re committed to individualize planning that includes explicit and comprehensive written instructions tailored to the writing barriers of the student. Excelsior also may modify content and class material to make it easier for a student with dysgraphia to complete his or her assignment(s) in the most efficient manner. Our Houston school for dysgraphia, Excelsior Academy, utilizes a program on letter formation and guided practice at an early age, which can have proven results.

Teaching Students with Dysgraphia at our Houston School

For students with dysgraphia, computers can help alleviate any class frustration and confidence issues. Students may be taught cursive writing periodically through the semester which is beneficial to students who struggle with appropriate writing grip. A child with dysgraphia can be assured that they can expect a catered approach to learning at our school. Our Houston dysgraphia school can help alleviate frustration, build confidence, and improve learning abilities to struggling students. At Excelsior, students with dysgraphia are able to take their time on tests and are provided with oral exams if they need verbal cues. Our dysgraphia trained teachers work with students in a small group setting in which the teacher can guide each individual student in completing class assignments.

At our Houston school for dysgraphia, students may use a writing frame, a tool that latches onto a pen or pencil, that helps them develop proper grip and writing flow. We teach students the formation of cursive letters in this technique as they will not have to lift the pencil when writing. This helps improve handwriting legibility and also builds confident learners as students will not be nervous when turning in their work. Excelsior teachers coach students to become more studious and diligent in their writing. It is with our dysgraphia training that students are able to fluently piece together a paper with writing inside the margins and little to no mistakes.

Enrolling NOW at Excelsior Academy Private School

Students with dysgraphia at Excelsior Academy Private School are primarily from Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenburg, Missouri City, Katy and various other parts of Houston, TX. Our dysgraphia program for students in Houston could be just the answer that your child needs. Interested parents are encouraged to fill out an application on our contact page. Our school director is here to help you with any steps of the process.




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