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Dyscalculia School

Dyscalculia School Houston

Students with dyscalculia can be helped right here at Excelsior Academy. We know how to make learning easier for those who struggle with this learning disability by employing educational therapy and teaching students to learn through applications.

Our dyscalculia Private School in Houston is well equipped with educational therapy methods that will help your student struggling with this disability.

Teaching Students with Dyscalculia at our Houston Private School

Our education specialists use a variety of techniques known as Math Block to address math difficulties. Some may include spinner clocks to ask students time, memorize partners to 10, recall multiples, count money, and measure different objects. Additionally, we may use counting blocks and fraction pieces to help students understand adding single digit and double digit numbers along with working with fractions. These math block activities develop problem solving abilities, improve math reasoning, develop math vocabulary, internalize basic math facts, and improve language processing. Our classrooms caters to dyscalculia students as there may be less distractions in the classroom than traditional school settings. The typical classroom may have walls that are overly decorated with posters, but at Excelsior we know that it is important to have a classroom more moderately decorated.

The classrooms at our Houston school are catered for students with dyscalculia. Our rooms are stocked with graph paper to help student’s format writing better and math blocks for students with dyscalculia to perform math operations visually. Our teachers are trained in therapy methods which guides students into critical thinking and verbalizing their thought processes. When working on mathematics, students are shown concrete examples of how to solve a problem and are taught to estimate in order to get the student thinking about possible solutions.

Enroll at Excelsior

We have helped many students with dyscalculia from Houston including the surrounding suburbs of Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Katy. Our program for children with dyscalculia could be just the answer that your child needs. Interested parents are encouraged to fill out an application on our contact page.  Our school director is here to help you with any step of the process.



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