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Excelsior Academy ADD Private School located in the Greater Houston area has shaped many lives with our educational therapy and specialize teachers. We have helped many students with Attention Deficit Disorder blossom into being focused in school, completing class assignments, and studying at home. Excelsior Academy ADD Private School is able to achieve this by providing educational therapy. Our educational therapy techniques that are incorporated include Rhythmic Writing and Auditory Memory exercises. Our Educational Therapy can help build visual, auditory, and cognitive skills through “brain training” exercises. It also starts with the foundations of language to help students with the basics of reading, writing, and spelling. Additionally, Excelsior Academy ADD Private School also emphasizes rigid classroom procedures. Students with ADD need structure and organization in order to successfully concentrate and perform. Our highly trained teachers provide this routine that helps our students excel.

Excelsior Academy’s- Houston, Texas ADD/ADHD School

Students with ADD in Houston attend Excelsior Academy Private School for numerous reasons. With only 8 students per class, our students with ADD are able to learn in an individualized way. Students with ADD in Houston may struggle in large public school classrooms or even private schools may be too highly accelerated. However, our Houston Private School for ADD and learning disabilities utilizes a curriculum that meets the students where they are currently academically while also providing a small student to teacher ratio.

How Excelsior Helps ADD Students Build Memory and Focus Skills

Excelsior Academy Private School is one of the few Houston ADD schools of its kind that offers special treatments, brain training, and educational therapy to help students that are struggling with ADD and ADHD in Houston. Our Private ADD School assists students with learning disabilities by creating activities that increase focus and short/long-term memory. Excelsior Academy Private School can provide ADD therapy by utilizing methods developed by the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). Rhythmic Writing is a method that helps ADD students build concentration skills, teaches how to complete multiple tasks at once, and also improve cognitive processing. To practice this technique, a student must follow a sketch of a figure 8 while being able to answer mental math problems as directed by the educational specialist. We also utilize an exercise called “Listen My Children” to build short and long-term memory in which the student must recite an entire paragraph dictated by the teacher from memory.

Accommodations and Modification for ADD Students

The in-class tests that Excelsior Academy Private School provides is modified for students with ADD. Students with ADD may be given additional time on tests, multiple choice questions, and a smaller amount of questions per page to help the student focus on each specific question.

Enroll Now at Excelsior Academy Private School

Students with learning disabilities at our ADD Private school come from all over the Greater Houston area including Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenburg, Missouri City, Pearland, Katy, Bellaire and various other parts of Houston, TX. Our small group instructions with our educational therapy component is just what your student struggling with ADD needs.  Interested parents are encouraged to fill out an application on our Contact page. Enrollment is ongoing allowing you to register your child with ADD anytime of the year.



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