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Upper Level 9-12

Small Group Classes for 9 – 12

About Excelsior Academy – Private High School  (prospectively locations: The Cannon in Memorial area & Sugar Land Town Center

Excelsior Academy Homeschool for High School is a blended program which implements online components along with face to face instruction.  Students enroll in an accredited program with an online HS agency through Excelsior Academy. Students at Excelsior Academy take classes in their grade level and those that are most congruent to their learning abilities. Excelsior Academy fosters a curriculum that is centered on learning through application and learning how to learn. Excelsior Academy achieves this agenda by implementing a curriculum that is hands on and practical. Additionally, students with learning disabilities master learning how to learn by taking ownership for the way they assemble information. Teachers provide individualize instruction that caters to their distinct learning styles and students form and share learned information that is most conducive to their learning styles. During times of projects, research, and discussion, students take ownership on the method in which they would like to showcase their knowledge. Our mission at Excelsior Academy Private High School is to create a learning environment that is individualized, intimate, and cognitively safe for students to prosper.

Excelsior Academy molds students into fluent readers and effective writers. Essay writing is an important skill that students need as they continue their studies with post-secondary education. We help students put their thoughts on paper through brainstorming, outlining, and critical thinking.

What makes Excelsior Academy High School Homeschooling Different?

  • Learning how to learn – Our students learn how by taking ownership of the structure and layout in which they want their information showcased.
  • Learning through application – Students apply their learning to practical applications by building, creating ,and generalizing information into tangible or authentic concepts.
  • Individualized instruction – Students’ instructions are personalized to their abilities and strengths

Our programs at Excelsior Academy Homeschool for High School prepares our students for college and career placements. We understand the importance of both academics and vocational skills, therefore accredited curriculum programs are designed to provide a holistic view on learning. Understanding our students’ strengths is important to our individualized instruction, which allows us to offer curriculums that are unique to cater for differences among our students.


To provide the student with individualized instruction and student-centered learning, in a full-time (to obtain a HS Diploma), part-time, or credit recovery homeschool-style accredited-curriculum.  Access to teachers’ support through Excelsior Academy will ensure a rewarding high school experience.

High School Diploma offered through various platforms.
Subjects (Core) 9th 10th 11th 12th
English Language Arts (4 credits) English 1 English II English III English IV
Math (4 credits) Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Pre-Calculus
Science (4 credits) IPC (or Advanced Science) Biology Chemistry Physics
Social Studies (4 credits) World Geography World History US History Government (0.5)
Economics (0.5)
Electives (must enroll in by selecting during enrollment)
Foreign Language (2 credits) Spanish Spanish Spanish None
Fine Arts (1 credits) Art I Optional Optional Optional
Physical Education
(1 credit)
Optional Physical Education Optional Optional
(.5 credit)
N/A N/A Public Speaking Optional
*Transcript and diploma will be provided through the homeschool agency or Excelsior Academy, depending on program selection.


1. American School

  • High school program offers a regionally-accredited resources to earn high school diploma.
  • Courses may require proctored exams, students would be proctored by an Excelsior teacher or staff member.
  • Official transcripts are provided by American School in conjunction with Excelsior Academy.
  • Curriculum Fees (does not include Tuition fees):
    • Credits Fee for an average Annual Full-Time Enrollment for Core Classes – 4.5 Credit Courses per Year: $1,000

 Other fees may include: Textbooks, Transcript Request, Graduation Cap & Gown.

Our hybrid teaching program may incorporate computers and face to face teaching to accomplish the most productive and effective learning environment for struggling learners. Teachers instruct lessons for individual subjects and may incorporate online components within classes.

EXCELSIOR Tuition Pricing: Class Option (up to 8 students per class)

10 month payment plan= $1,300 per month*
12 month payment plan = $1083 hours per month*


25 hours per week = 100 hours per month= $2,500 per month*
15 hours per week = 60 hours per month = $1,800 per month*

*This pricing does not include the fees associated with the above-mentioned private pay to the accredited-curriculum agency, such as: curriculum fees, admission fees, textbooks/ material, tuition for credits, or transcript requests, etc.


The policy applies on a course by course basis, and the selected program’s policy.  Additionally, a non-refundable $150 registration fee to Excelsior Academy will apply.



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