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Upper Level 9-12

Prospective Private High School Houston Texas Grades 9-12

Excelsior Academy Private High School curriculum is aligned with Texas state and/or Common Core standards. Students at Excelsior Academy take classes in their grade level and those that are most congruent to their learning abilities. Excelsior Academy fosters a curriculum that is centered on learning through application and learning how to learn. Excelsior Academy achieves this agenda by implementing a curriculum that is hands on and practical. Additionally, students with learning disabilities master learning how to learn by taking ownership for the way they assemble information. Teachers provide individualize instruction that caters to their distinct learning styles and students form and share learned information that is most conducive to their learning styles. During times of projects, research, and discussion, students take ownership on the method in which they would like to showcase their knowledge. Some students display their learning by building, which focuses on their motor development skills. While other students showcase by public speaking, which utilizes their voice and analytical thought process to disseminate information. Our mission at Excelsior Academy Private High School is to create a learning environment that is individualized, intimate, and cognitively safe for students with learning disabilities to prosper.

Excelsior Academy Private High School molds students with learning disabilities into fluent readers and effective writers. Essay writing is an important skill that students need as they continue their studies with post-secondary education. We help students put their thoughts on paper through brainstorming, outlining, and critical thinking.

What makes Excelsior Academy Private High School Different?

  • Learning how to learn – Our students learn how by taking ownership of the structure and layout in which they want their information showcased.
  • Learning through application – Students with disabilities apply their learning to practical applications by building, creating ,and generalizing information into tangible or authentic concepts.
  • Individualized instruction – There is no cookie cutter instructions at Excelsior Academy Private High School. Students’ instructions are personalized to their abilities and strengths.
  • Educational Therapy – The therapy techniques that are incorporated include Rhythmic Writing and Auditory Memory exercises. Educational Therapy helps build visual, auditory, and cognitive skills through “brain training” exercises and also starts with the foundations of language to help students with the basics of reading, writing, and spelling.


Elective Courses at Excelsior Academy Private High School

In addition to their academic curriculum, students may also generalize those skills and interest into practical applications with our optional shop and journalism classes. These two courses serve as electives and are heavily comprised of practical and analytical applications. In shop, students may learn how to build, repair, and service various mechanical components. Additionally, students who select shop as an elective also learn how to weld, assemble, and provide diagnosis to a plethora of mechanical scenarios. Students who gain entry into our journalism elective engage in creative writing, newspaper, photography, and conduct their own interviews. Through these practical vocational classes, students enhance their executive functioning skills and develop profound work competencies. Our programs at Excelsior Academy Private High School prepares our students for college and career placements. We understand the importance of both academics and vocational skills, therefore our curriculum is designed to provide a holistic view on learning. Understanding our students’ strengths is important to our individualized instruction, which allows us to foster a curriculum that is custom to the unique differences among our students.



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